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The third Human-aligned AI Summer School will be held in Prague from 4th to 7st August 2022. We will cover the latest trends in AI alignment research and broader framings of AI alignment research.
Applications will be open in May.

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Format of the school

The school is focused on teaching approaches and frameworks, less on presentation of the latest research results. The content of the school is mostly technical - it is assumed the attendees understand current ML approaches such as deep learning. The intended audience of the school are researchers interested in learning more about the AI alignment topics, PhD students, researchers working in ML/AI outside academia, and talented students.

Registration and fees

Applications for the summer school will be open from May until 15th June.


The conference is organized by

Program: Jan Kulveit and Tomáš Gavenčiak, Center for Theoretical Study, Charles University in Prague
Operations: Hana Kalivodova