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The third Human-aligned AI Summer School will be held in Prague from 4th to 7th August 2022. We will meet for four intensive days of discussions, workshops, and talks covering latest trends in AI alignment research and broader framings of AI alignment research.

Format of the school

The school is focused on teaching and exploring approaches and frameworks, less on presentation of the latest research results. The content of the school is mostly technical – it is assumed the attendees understand current ML approaches such as deep learning, reinforcement learning, and some of the underlying theoretical frameworks.

The intended audience of the school are researchers interested in learning more about the AI alignment topics, PhD students, researchers working in ML/AI outside academia, and talented students.
It is also recommended that the participants have a basic general understanding of the AI alignment problem and technical concepts such as specification gaming, instrumental goals, and interpretability.
This year we also encourage inter-disciplinary researchers interested in applying their domain knowledge in AI alignment to attend, e.g. from evolutionary biology, behavioral economics, or statistical mechanics.

The school consists of lectures and topical series, focused smaller-group workshops and discussions, expert panels, and opportunities for networking, project brainstorming and informal discussions.
See the previous school for an illustration of our planned speakers and general program structure (note this year will consist of 40-50% of discussions and smaller group workshops).

Registration and fees

Applications for the summer school are open.

Applications for the summer school will be open until 24th June and are evaluated on a rolling basis – we recommend applying early since the capacity is limited.

The price of the school is EUR 250 for working professionals and EUR 150 for students and independent researchers, and includes full catering and conference events.
Due to a generous funder, we can subsidize tickets as well as travel and accommodation support for some number of participants. In case the associated expenses would cause you not to attend, we encourage you to apply and flag this in your application.


HAAISS is organized by
Program: Jan Kulveit and Tomáš Gavenčiak, Center for Theoretical Study, Charles University in Prague
Operations: Hana Kalivodova

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Main venue: Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Czech Technical University in Prague
Břehová 78/7, Praha 1
The way from the building entrance will be signposted.

Friday evening event venue: Sacre Coeur
Holečkova 31,Praha 5

Saturday evening event venue: Tower Park
Mahlerovy sady 1, Praha 3
The entrance to the tower is on the lowest floor under the bridge. It will be signposted.